Fabulous Fall Decor Ideas for Indoors

Decorating for Fall! Fall is here and with the changing of the seasons, it’s time to change to your fall décor.

What is fall decor? To me, it’s a fun way to bring the colors of autumn into the house without the cold.

How do you start to bring the colors of autumn inside? You can start by replacing the tired summer flowers with some flowers that have vibrant autumn colors. Maybe add a red mum and some orange pumpkins.

Create a welcoming front porch for guests Have some fun!

Fall means Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season. Classic fall colors are warm and beautiful with yellow, orange, dark red, and brown colors predominant in the palette.

We’ve brought some fall decorating ideas for inside the house to inspire you this season.

Just think! If you want to, you can make it easy on yourself and decorate for all three holiday seasons at once!

Pumpkins Real and Fake

Kelli and Kristi from Lolly Jane use simple ingredients for their fall decor, including chalkboard and faux pumpkins grouped on a lovely entry table.

For an easy fall mantel, look at how Stacy at Not Just a Housewife decorated hers.

Everything she used she had on hand, so she didn’t have to go shopping or purchase anything. The pine cones and leaves came from her yard. Just beautiful!

A Bit Of Whimsy

Christina from The Frugal Homemaker uses non-seasonal items like windows, fencing, lanterns, and candlesticks as the base for her mantel decorations.

Then she adds the seasonal accents or items to pull it all together. Makes you want to sit down for a cup of hot spiced cider and a chat, doesn’t it!

Pumpkins With Light

I just love these geometric pumpkins, and they can be used anywhere to add fall color and feel.

Jen from Tatertots and Jello used faux pumpkins to carve into her gold-toned geometric pumpkins.

She put tea lights into them for added light. These can be made to match the other fall decor that you have going.

Look at this lighted fall pumpkin basket from Clean and Sensible. They say it takes just 10 minutes to put it together, and it can add a pretty glow to your fall decor.

Continuing with the light theme, I really like the Firefly lanterns made with Mason jars from Lil Blue Boo. They would add just that touch to the mantel, the table, the buffet, or a dark corner by the fireplace.

Looking for the closest pumpkin patch? DIY signs can add a festive fall note to your kitchen or dining room with just a little bit of effort.

This one from The Wicker House is just an example of what you can create.

Soft Sided Pumpkins

Better Homes and Gardens always has fun ideas and this is just one example of fall decorations.

Here, BH&G shows us how to make DIY velvet pumpkins that can be placed on the mantel, used as a centerpiece, or added to the porch decor.

An oldie but a goodie from Confessions of a Plate Addict.

She takes old long-sleeved shirts and makes these cute pumpkins with them. No need to get the sewing machine out, and so easy that the kids can help you.

Easy as pie! Err… pumpkin pie that is!

The Wonder Forest Blog features 5 Days of Pumpkins that you could use as inspiration for your own pumpkin decorating.

The beautiful pumpkins include a custom monogrammed pumpkin, the Starry Night pumpkins, the checkered gold painted pumpkins (shown here), and the gold-dipped color-blocked painted pumpkins.

All of the pumpkins are beautiful. And bonus, all of them are so easy to make that the kids can help with the project.

A Nice Change Of Color

If orange pumpkins are just a bit, um, too orange for your fall decor, check out these white-washed pumpkins from Cami at Tidbits Planners.

She adds driftwood stems and pairs the pumpkins with beautiful blue vases and fall foliage.

For a nice change of color in her fall decorations, Courtney at 12th and White decorated her table scape with softer hues of white and sea foam.

She uses white pumpkins and natural leaves on a black and white plaid table. The scene is topped with an assortment of tall candlesticks. So peaceful and inviting.

Beautiful Autumn Leaves

You can always incorporate autumn leaves and other foliage into your fall decorations. There are different ways to preserve them and their bright colors.

Shannon with Rosyscription says one of the best ways is by using Modge Podge glue to glaze the individual leaves.

Once they are dry, the leaves can be used in centerpieces, banners or added to the fall wreaths.

13 Fabulous Fall Decor Ideas

So, there you have 13 different ideas for fall decor for inside your home. Do you see something you want to try for your own fall decorating schemes? Let us know in the comments.

We’ll gather some ideas for fall decorating for your entry or porch here.

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