Spring Prep and Garden Beds

Spring is in the air, and that means it’s time to start thinking about getting our raised garden beds ready for planting. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Thai Dragon Chili Garlic Paste

Very easy recipe! Makes 2 pints.  1 1/2 lbs peppers 3 1/2 cups 5% white vinegar  1 cup water  1 tbs pickling crunch  1 onion 5 cloves fresh garlic Heat jars. Prepare the brine and boil for 5 minutes. Pack the peppers, onion, and garlic into the jars. Add brine into jars, leave 1/2” headspace. …

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How To Start Tomatoes From Seed

tomatoes in white strainer on table

Ah, there is nothing better than a perfectly ripe tomato just picked from the garden! The beautiful tomato that I am envisioning is every tomato lover’s dream. I’m going to show you how to start tomatoes from seed.

How To Plant Patio Containers Now

how to make patio containers

Today we’ll talk about how to plant patio containers. You might think of them as patio flower pots.

So, it’s my friend’s birthday this week. I am making something special for her that she will be able to enjoy all summer long – a patio container.

I want to make a couple of beautiful flower planters for her patio and take them over tomorrow for her birthday. And I want to show you how I’m doing it.

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Basil 101: Grow it, Use it, Love it

One of my favorite, versatile, refreshing things to add to recipes is basil. Sure, you can buy fresh basil at the grocery store, but you either buy too much and it goes bad, or you buy too little and end up needing more, spending $$$ in the process. Wouldn’t it be easier to just grow your own and be able to walk over to your basil plant, snip off some leaves, and add them straight to whatever you’re making? No need to go to the grocery store! Whether a beginner or novice gardener, growing your own basil year-round is possible, and we’ll teach you how with this Basil 101!

How To Grow Radishes The Right Way

Growing Radishes After Harvest

I love radishes! I could eat them like someone else eats candy. Radishes are found at the store all year round, but you’ll find that they are so easy to grow. You just have to know how to grow them the right way. I’ll show you here.

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Turmeric: How to Grow It & What to do With It

Earlier this week, we talked about ginger as a superfood, the benefits of including it in your life, how to grow it year-round, no matter where you live, and some examples of what to do with it! You can read more about that here. Now, I want to discuss ginger’s cousin and new-found bestie: Turmeric!

All About Ginger!

What’s one superfood that is so “in” right now? Ginger! But really, it has been a popular health remedy, detoxer, and flavorful addition to many recipes for thousands of years. This isn’t surprising, given that ginger is known to treat nausea and indigestion, help relieve joint pain, and may boost weight loss, among countless other benefits.

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Diapers in the Garden?? And 14 Other Favorite Gardening Hacks

Yep, you saw that right, there are diapers in the garden. And I put them there on purpose! Just one of my favorite 15 gardening hacks to make life in the garden a tidge easier. Whether you are a gardening pro, or a novice just venturing out for the first time, this list is a must-have for everyone and relevant at any experience level.

Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day

two green hats, shamrocks, and happy st patrick;s day sign

I hope you enjoy my favorite recipe for St. Patrick’s Day, horseradish sauce. In case you didn’t know from seeing all of the seasonal green toys, candies, Facebook craft or dessert videos, or pretty much everywhere else you might be perusing, St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Yep, we’re already in mid-March, and the 17th is the day to wear green. Remember, you might get pinched if you don’t!

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