Deer-Resistant Plants For Your Garden

young deer are in the garden eating everything

Do you have a problem with deer eating all of your plants and garden seedlings?

I’ve got a solution for you! Deer-resistant plants you can plant in your gardens to deter them and save your gardens!

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Unusual Vegetables To Grow In Your Garden

unusual vegetable Romanesco

I don’t know about you, but we are starting to plan our spring vegetable garden planting. We wanted to see if there are any unusual vegetables that I could plant this year. I found several that I want to share with you.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Gardening Tools

gifts for gardeners garden tools and pots

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! We’ve got some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the gardener: gardening tools!

What are you going to get that special someone? You have to make your mind up soon so the item arrives on time. Hurry!

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How to Store Fresh Apples

fresh apples in apple orchard row with trees and green grass

Apple Orchard

It’s apple season, our favorite time of year! Almost nothing is better than a fresh apple, and there are so many varieties to choose from that it’s hard to determine which one is best.

And, the question is, once you get them, how do you store apples for later use?

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Fall Front Porch Decorating Ideas

fall decor for front porch with orange mums and umpkins

Autumn is the time of year that leads into the holiday season. You’ll soon be spending time with friends and planning family gatherings, open houses, and entertaining. Spend time first decorating your front porch in fall colors!

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