Easy Houseplants That Anyone Can Grow

goldfish plant and flowers are not poisonous to pets

Easy houseplants that anyone can grow!

I really love houseplants and I want to have lots of plants around me. But, in the past, I’ve killed more houseplants than you can imagine and I was afraid to bring any more plants home.

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How To Propagate Peperomia

peperomia leaves green and white

Learn how to propagate Peperomia and get new plants for free.

That cute little plant with the wrinkled leaves sitting on your desk? It’s a peperomia. We’re going to talk about how to propagate the peperomia so you can have more of them without spending a lot of money. You can keep them or give them away.

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Houseplants For Beginners

houseplants for beginners on white desk

Are you looking for houseplants that will be easy to grow even for beginners?

We’ve gathered the easiest houseplants for you to consider. They’re all easy to care for, and can withstand neglect, bad light, and wild temperature swings. You’ll amaze even yourself!

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Top 10 Favorite Houseplants

string of pearls plant in white pot

It’s headed into winter so I thought I would write a round-up of my current top 10 favorite houseplants.

I love plants. I am a plant collector, a plant hoarder, or a plant fanatic. Whatever you want to call me, I have quite a few plants and keep searching for the next one or two!

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