Houseplants That Love Bathrooms

plants love bathrooms white bathroom with several green plants by sink window and toilet

Did you know there are houseplants out there that would love to be in your bathroom? Not to spy, but…

…to keep you company and perhaps clean the bathroom air while they’re there.

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Best Herbs To Grow Indoors

growing herbs inside on kitchen window

You can easily grow herbs indoors in your kitchen or on the windowsill. You just need to know what the plant requires to flourish and provide it for them.

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How To Propagate Plants in Water

three plant starts in water propagation

Let’s talk about how to propagate plant in water. You might ask: What is Plant Propagation?

It’s a method of creating new plants from existing ones, multiplying your current number of plants, and increasing your collection. All without spending any money to buy new ones!n Water propagating is the secret!

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