Earthquake Emergency Preparation

earthquake aftermath, woman walking through the rubble and destruction

They come out of nowhere! How do you get prepared for an earthquake, when you can’t know when to expect one to happen? I want to talk about earthquake emergency preparation and what you can do to be prepared if it does happen to you.

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101 Ways To Prepare For Emergencies

spiral notebook 101 ways to prepare for surviving disaster or emergency

101 ways to prepare for emergencies!

Emergencies can occur without warning. It’s hard to try to remember everything that needs to get prepared before a disaster occurs, but it’s really hard to think of what needs to be done when in the midst of disaster.

Here are 101 suggestions to help you prepare to meet any disaster or emergency as it happens. You’ll be ready!

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How To Survive A Disaster Or Emergency

Survive disaster or emergency

Are you prepared to survive when natural disasters, pandemics, or other emergency situations disrupt your daily life? What do you need to do in order to guarantee your survival if something happens?

I want to help you create your personal Survival Blueprint so that you will have an action plan that will help you be more self-sufficient when the world is crumbling around you. Let’s get started.

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