Confused About What Planters to Get? Let Us Help!

Are you confused about what planters to get for your houseplants? Let’s talk!

It’s almost the end of the year!

Looking around, I’m thinking I need to get some new pots for my house plants. I want to share my pot search results with you and maybe save you some time finding the perfect pots for your plants. They’ll be happy after replanting and reward you with beauty and growth!

Ceramic Planters with Attached Saucers

yellow ceramic pot with saucer has anthurium
Ceramic Pot with Saucer

My favorite pot is this ceramic beauty because its sleek design goes with any decoration. The pot is 6.1″ in diameter and 5.7″ high and includes an attached saucer for watering convenience.

There is built-in drainage which gives me peace of mind with any house plant or succulent that may be temperamental with water. Because the saucer is attached, you can pick it up, move it around, and not worry about losing the saucer. There are two pots with your order.

If you need smaller pots but want the attached saucer, consider these round white ceramic planters with saucers. They come four to the package and are 4.8″ round by 3.9″ high.

Planters with No Drainage

three white pots with plants on windowsill
White Pots in Windowsill

If you have plants that like their soil more moist, you need to support less drainage in your pot.

I’ve got a few plants that don’t do well when the soil dries out. They need evenly moist soil.

I have a small clover tree (Goodia lotifolia) that will lose his leaves every time the soil dries up. I thought I killed him a few times but he came back with each watering.

Since then, I transplanted him into a decorative pot like this that does not have drainage (is it weird to give a familiar feel to your plants?), and he is thriving. These pots are 4.25″ high and 4.75″ in diameter in a cobalt blue finish.

Be forewarned though! Plants in this kind of pots require more attention. If that doesn’t sound like your style, try putting a succulent in this pot.

Terra Cotta Pots

assorted terra cotta flower pots
Terra Cotta Pots

I will still use terra cotta pots even though they don’t have an attached saucer.

The properties of the terra cotta material contribute to the growing process. Terra cotta actually breathes so it allows oxygen to go in and out of the soil.

One reason to consider terra cotta is the price. If you have a budget, terra cotta pots are super inexpensive compared to other pots their size. They also can come in any shape and size, and you can get optional saucers for them that match.

Monstera Deliciosa and Terra Cotta Pots

I have a few Monstera deliciosa plants, which can get quite large. My favorite pot for any monstera is terra cotta.

I needed big pots because of how large these plants are, and this terra cotta pot fits the bill for both size and budget-friendly price demands. This pot is 20″ wide at the top, 15.8″ wide at the bottom and 20″ tall. Here’s the saucer that will fit the pot. Both pot and saucer have a 10-year guarantee!

Monsteras need additional oxygen due to their size and growth needs, and terra cotta is perfect for them also because it breathes. 

Succulents and Terra Cotta

With succulents, on the other hand, you need the soil to stay on the dryer side of the watering spectrum.

Terra cotta is a perfect pot style for succulent needs due to the breathability of the pot. Oxygen is allowed to leave the soil which keeps the soil dry and lessens your over-watering worries. 

Your succulents will be so healthy living in these terra cotta pots! They are 4″ pots with saucers included and come packed six pots per case.

Filling Your Pots

When you are filling your planters with potting soil, you might be tempted to start with a layer of rocks, broken pottery, or styrofoam peanuts on the bottom to help with drainage. Rock just adds extra weight to the pot. Often, soil washes out of the bottom of the pot after watering, making a mess.

There are options that you can use to prevent the mess of soil falling out the bottom of the pot!

Drainage Discs

drainage discs for pots
Drainage Discs

I also would recommend adding some drainage discs to help maintain an active draining flow. We use this 6″ draining disc in the bottom of our pots instead of the rock layer. They come 5 per pack.

The discs are available in different sizes, so you can get disks that will fit into almost all of your pot options. You can trim the discs to size, and they are even reusable for the next season.

If you need a larger one, here’s the link to the 9″ size. They come two per pack.

What Planters To Get? Function vs. Decorative

golden pothos plant in a dark pot on a table
Golden Pothos in Decorative Pot

Let’s talk about functional compared with decorative.

Some planters are functional but not very decorative. They have their place, but sometimes you just want a pot that is purely decorative to work with your decor.

Some decorative pots are beautiful, but not able to hold water due to the material they are made of.

I personally love these woven pots. They look beautiful around the house but will be ruined and might even fall apart when exposed to water. 

Plastic Liners

If you are going for the look, and no mess, use a plastic liner inside the bottom of your pot. With a liner at the bottom of your pot, you can put any large floor plant into your decorative pot to complete your home or office decor. 

Liners come in a lightweight plastic option or a heavy gauge option. I always use a heavy gauge liner inside a decorative pot just to make sure that the floors and the pots are protected. Here are links to the 10″ heavy gauge liner and to the 14″ heavy gauge liner.

Hanging Pots

Macrame Pot Hanger with plant
Macrame Plant Hanger

Finally,  some of my favorite pots are the ones that hang. They just look so cool and can be placed almost anywhere in your decorating scheme.

For hanging pots, it’s convenient to work with pots that don’t have drainage. Please make sure that you choose the right kind of plant for hanging uses.

As an example, my dad has a huge 6 foot tall Hoya that he waters every week and needs to put a bucket under it for drainage. It’s a beautiful plant but a lot of work. Perhaps he should consider another pot!

Personally I like vining plants that you can start in a hanging pot and let drape to the floor. I just got this three-tier hanger and absolutely love it. I used it for philodendrons or succulents that don’t need much maintenance. 

If you want a different look, or want to hang your plants against the wall or in the window, this planter is beautiful.

Macrame Hangers

You can also check out one of our other posts for making your own macrame if you want to try making some.

If you just want to order macrame hangers and hang your plants, I would recommend these hangers. They are totally ready to go and the gift set comes with four hangers that can hold five plants.

I’ve also used this macrame hanger with its wooden pot stand as an alternative because it will hold most pots. Please note: you need to make sure to hang the holder from a level surface like a ceiling. This will ensure that your pots and plants are safe and don’t get damaged. I found that if they are imbalanced, they will fall and possibly break. We want to ensure all plants are healthy and safe!

Did You Find Your Pots?

Three Flowerpots with Green Plants
Indoor Gardening

Still confused about what planters to get?

You see that you want to choose the pot to fit the plant’s personality and needs.

There are many options available to you. We’ve added the Amazon links to a few of our favorites.

What ones are your favorite pots? Let us know in the remarks below. And please subscribe to our email newsletter for regular updates and new products.

When deciding where to put your newly potted plants, consider adding these aromatic plants to your household. You’ll thank me later when every room including your bathroom smells so good!

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