How To Propagate Hoya

Let’s talk about propagating Hoya Carnosa houseplants. Propagation is the method of multiplying the houseplants you have with little effort and money. It’s easy and when you’re done, you’ll have several new plants for free!

Hoya is a semi-woody vine with large, egg-shaped leaves along trailing stems. The leaves have a waxy texture to them and lovely foliage.

You can choose if you want your hoya to be a trailing or climbing plant just by how you plant it. If you want it to be trailing, use a hanging pot that is fixed to the ceiling. If you want it to climb, plant it in a pot that has a pole or trellis so it can climb up. They can grow to 4 feet or more. I know of one that is over 20 feet long!

Known as the wax plant, the hoya is one of the best indoor flowering plants for beginners. These are also called Hindu Rope Plants and Porcelain Flowers and you can see why!

easiest plant hoya potted plant with pink buds of flowers-
Hoya with Flowers

The Hoya Carnosa is in bloom in the picture above, and it’s truly a beautiful flower! It’s so good at producing small clusters of fragrant pink flowers, you’ll be able to smell them all through the house.

And good news! It’s not poisonous to dogs and cats so you don’t have to worry about your pets getting around it.

What Do Hoyas Want?

young hoya plant after propagating
Young Hoya

Hoya plants are relatively easy to care for.

They will thrive in an area with ambient temperatures. Place the plant in an area that receives medium to bright light in temperatures between 55°F – 75°F.

Hoyas don’t require much water as it’s a low-water plant. Allow the top of the soil to dry out between watering. And you know the advice: don’t overwater it!

How Do You Propagate the Hoya?

hoya stem cutting
Hoya Stem Cutting

The best technique for propagating the hoya is by stem cuttings. You can try to grow the seeds, but the resulting plant will not be true to the parent plant if the seed even germinates. Hoya stem cuttings will grow in potting mix or in water, your choice.

The best time of year to take your stem cuttings is during the spring and summer when the plant is actively growing.

What You’ll Need for Propagating the Hoya:

  • Sharp Shears or knife
  • Small Trowel or Transplanting Shovel
  • Containers for Water
  • Pots for Soil Planting
  • Water
  • Potting Mix

Hoya Propagation in Potting Mix

Choose a potting mix that is well-draining or formulated for orchid planting.

Fill the pot(s) with the potting mix and water thoroughly. Set aside so the soil can completely rehydrate.

Cut a healthy stem from the parent Hoya plant. The stem should be at least 4 inches long and have two to three leaves. Remove any leaf that is close to the cut end.

Dip the cut end into rooting hormone.

Plant the cutting in the soil. The leaves should not touch the potting mix.

Water regularly to keep the soil evenly moist. Don’t overwater the soil, because the roots might rot.

Place the pot and new cutting in an area that receives bright, indirect light.

Hoya Propagation in Water

You can easily root the Hoya in water too.

Fill a jar or container with water – perhaps halfway to the top.

Cut a healthy stem from the parent Hoya plant. The stem should be at least 4 inches long and have two to three leaves. Remove any leaf that is close to the cut end.

Place the cutting in the water. The leaves should not be touching the water.

Pretty soon you’ll have a new Hoya plant and can place it in its own pot with potting mix.

It’s Time To Go Get Your Own Hoya!

young hoya plant
Young Hoya

Here’s a baby hoya that came all the way from a stem cutting to being planted in potting mix. It’s ready to climb!

Now that you know how to propagate the hoya, go get your own Hoya Carnosa. When it’s big enough, you might want to start propagating it. You’ll be able to make more of these beautiful plants without spending money and even have extras for gift giving to friends and family.

Hoya’s one of our favorite houseplants. Read more about our other favorite houseplants here.

Do you have pets? Here are several plants that are safe for cats and dogs. You don’t have to worry!

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