Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Gardening Tools

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! We’ve got some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the gardener: gardening tools!

What are you going to get that special someone? You have to make your mind up soon so the item arrives on time. Hurry!

We get asked for gift ideas for gardeners all the time.

So, we thought we’d gather our recommendations into one place and share it with all our readers. Pass them along to others to help them with their shopping ideas too.

Gardening Tools As Gifts

We love giving and getting gardening tools. You should see our garden shed! It’s crammed with all kinds of tools, but we use every one of them. It’s nice to have what you need on hand.

All of these items are available at Amazon and I’ve provided their links for you.

You can order them and be guaranteed that the gifts will arrive on time so you can literally wrap everything up for Valentine’s Day!

Gardening Gloves

I don’t know about you, but I love wearing gardening gloves to protect my hands and keep them clean!

There must be a hundred pairs of them around, but they are always wearing out or I leave them somewhere.

The Pine Tree Bamboo Gloves are very comfortable. The bamboo fabric is breathable and keeps my hands warm in the winter, cool in the summer.

These gloves have nitrile coating on the palms, giving bare hand sensitivity. The fingertips are touchscreen-friendly.

You could wear these gloves while doing almost any chore!

Gardening Tools Set

We’ve gone through so many shovels, trowels, and weeders that we are always looking for ones that will last.

We just got this set.

The Tacklife Garden Tools Set includes a trowel, hand weeder, and hand cultivator. They are all made with heavy-duty stainless steel. The handles are a soft, rubberized material that feels non-slip.

Bonsai Tool Kit

Gardening tools can be too large to use with your indoor plants or succulents. You really need mini-size tools.

We found that the Planter’s Choice Bonsai Tool Kit has the perfect size tools in it. There’s a wooden rake, long and wide spades, scissors, tweezers, bamboo brush, and pruning shears.

Everything’s made of bamboo and steel. They all come in a fabric storage container to keep everything organized in.

A perfect gift idea for your gardener!

Fiskars Steel Bypass Pruning Shears

You can use these Fiskars pruning shears for many general pruning tasks. They feature an ambidextrous lock, sap groove, enclosed spring, and dual-layer comfort grips.

You can cut through branches that are up to 5/8 inch thick with them with one hand.

Soil Moisture Sensor Meter

We have a couple of these in our gardening tool kits. You use the soil moisture sensor meter to check on the condition of your plants, indoors or out. No batteries are needed with this meter.

It’s so easy to use, just insert the probe of the meter to the plant’s roots to find out what the moisture level is.

The meter will tell you if the soil is too wet and the plant needs to dry out for a couple of days. It will tell you if the soil is too dry and the plant needs watering. And, it will also tell you if everything is just right!

Micro-Tip Pruning Snips

Sometimes you need a small pair of pruning snips for precise or delicate cutting. We use these for so many tasks that we have a few pairs around for convenience.

These are great little pruners! They have stainless steel blades, an easy-to-operate lock, and comfort grip handles. The snips are spring-loaded so they push themselves open, reducing hand strain.

The snips have two blade options: straight blades or curved blades. Either one works really well. You’ll choose the model that works best for your needs.

Another perfect gift idea for gardeners!

Soil pH Meter

All plants are different in their growing requirements. Some want alkaline soil, some want acidic soil to thrive.

You’ll need to determine if you need to make adjustments to the soil or potting mix. You can easily test your soil with a meter before you place your plants.

This single meter can test your soil for the pH level, measure the moisture, and even the sunlight level! You can use it inside or out. And, no batteries are needed.


You’re out working in the garden, and that tree needs trimming. What’s the right tool for this job?

You need a lopper if you need to cut through thick tree boughs and bush limbs. A lopper can also snip smaller branches with ease.

The Fiskar’s Bypass Lopper has bypass-style steel blades. It’s the perfect size at 28 inches long with a cut capacity of 1-1/2 inch thick branch. The ergonomic handles will help reduce hand strain.

Stand-Up Claw Weeder

Dandelions, thistles, and other weeds can be frustrating to try to control, especially if you don’t want to use harsh chemicals! There are a few options, but you probably don’t want to hurt your back or knees trying them.

Try the Worth Heavy Duty Weed Remover instead. It’s so easy to use, and you pull weeds while standing up.

  • You just position the claws over the weed.
  • Step on the foot pedal to push the weeder into the ground.
  • Then twist and pull up to remove the entire weed including the roots!

Folding Saw

We find the folding saw to be an indispensable tool for our gardening chores.

The Corona Clipper folding razor saw has found its way into our hearts. The saw is designed to cut easily through small to medium-sized branches. The blade yields a clean cut so your plants are healthier. The blade folds into the handle for safe transportation and storage.

Hanging Tool Organizer

After you start collecting gardening tools, you’ll want to start organizing them.

We’ve found this wall-mounted Tool Holder by Stalwart is the perfect solution for organizing your garage or gardening shed. It has four hooks for hanging and three adjustable slots for long handles. And the best part? It comes in a 2-pack.

Wrapping It Up: Gardening Tools

We’ve provided eleven excellent ideas for gifts for your gardener. Gardening Tools! What one did you decide to get? Did we miss any that you think we should include?

Our Holiday Gifts for Gardeners post might give you more ideas for your shopping quest!

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